Top 8 sites to unlock the YouTube proxy for you?

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YouTube is one of the best sources of entertainment, allowing you to broadcast unlimited videos, it also allows you to share your own videos with people. Unfortunately, many schools, offices and universities have a different opinion and consider it a waste of time, a distraction and a productivity killer, in such places, you will have to unlock youtube.

Thus, they often prevent school students and office workers from accessing YouTube by blocking the site in different ways.

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In addition to watching fun videos and having fun, there are a lot of things we can learn from YouTube videos. If YouTube is stuck at the office or at school and wants to know how unlock youtube easily, so today I’m going to share some simple tips to unlock your youtube.


YouTube: success

Today, YouTube has revolutionized the multimedia and entertainment scene on a whole new level. With the rapid growth of Internet technology and the advent of smartphones, tablets, laptops and advanced desktops, YouTube has brought entertainment in all its forms, literally at hand.

Today, YouTube is the largest platform where you can literally find any type of video in a few minutes. YouTube has become an online university for those who want to learn new things like cooking, music, dance, technology, educational subjects, etc.

Experts in various fields have made YouTube the largest learning platform for people by publishing videos on their talents and offering tutorials online to show how it is done.

At one point, once you have made a name for yourself on YouTube, you even receive personalized YouTube plates (Silver, Gold and Platinum) depending on the number of subscribers. YouTube even starts paying you once your video reaches 10,000 XNUMX views.

However, keeping all YouTube professionals on one side, there is only one important problem that YouTubers and viewers face when using YouTube.

“Regional filtering”

What is YouTube regional filtering?

There is an unusual feature of YouTube where a person’s content is blocked by region due to the variety of licensing systems that a content provider can set up. For example, there are many cases where music is only sold in certain regions, such as limiting a song / album to a single specific market, even when this artist has fans ready to deposit money anywhere in the world. world. So people sort it out to unlock YouTube videos

Unlock YouTube videos

Have you ever wanted to watch a certain video on YouTube to find that it is blocked? And much longer! We will teach you everything you need to know about unlocking YouTube videos while remaining secure and private online.

Here are some of the best working methods you can use to unlock YouTube videos in schools, offices and universities

Get your Youtube unlocked

Unlock Youtube solutions

There are many popular methods that people use to unlock YouTube to broadcast blocked and restricted videos online. The two most common means used by users to unlock YouTube are:

  • VPN
  • Proxy sites

1. Unlock YouTube using a VPN

The first method by which you can unlock YouTube is to use virtual private networks. When using VPN software, it only connects to this virtual private network, which will allow you to send and receive data from this virtual network.

VPN stands for a virtual private network. VPNs are networks connected to the Internet, allowing the computer connected to their network to send and receive data.

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a tool that allows you to easily change your IP address. VPN service providers have a server infrastructure located in various parts of the world and can therefore exchange your IP address with one of their own. You just have to choose the location from which you want to appear, and then you can unlock almost all of the websites.

A VPN is generally considered to be the safest and most reliable option when it comes to unlocking YouTube, staying online and, finally, knowing why part of the YouTube content can be blocked for you. To fully understand how a VPN can unlock YouTube content, we will first explain how can be blocked in the first place.

Any device that connects to the Internet has a unique number assigned to it – an IP address. An IP address reveals the geographic location of your device and can be seen by the area to which you are trying to connect. Governments and Internet service providers can easily prevent you from accessing certain sites due to your IP address

There are many VPN tools available on the market to unlock YouTube videos in the fastest and safest way possible. Here is a list of the most popular VPN tools you can try. Some of them are free, while others are chargeable. Some are available as software, while others are available free of charge as Chrome extensions and Mozilla additions.

  • Unlock YouTube (free)

Discover this infography on how you can use VPN in other ways :

2. Use to unlock YouTube proxy sites (Youtube proxy)

A site proxy is a server (a computer system or an application) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. There are many powers of attorney coming and going. These proxy sites will be useful when your network administrator blocks popular proxy sites or their content.

The concept of proxy sites is most commonly used to unlock restricted and blocked content on popular video streaming websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Etc.

Why shouldn’t you use a proxy site to unlock videos?

When you use a free High Gamme telescope website proxy to unlock YouTube, you give this site privileged access to your navigation data. Proxies are often used by cybercriminals as an easy way to steal personal information such as bank details, identifiers, passwords or credit card information. All the data you enter when using a proxy can be easily plotted and stored by its owner.

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When your IP address is blocked to access YouTube, you can access it using proxy Web sites, they act as a youtube unlocker, these proxy sites instead of connecting to youtube connect directly to their own servers. This will allow us to access any blocked website like YouTube, Facebook, Gmail, etc.

Here is a list of the few most online proxy websites to open Youtube when it is blocked

  • Proxify – Click HERE to use Proxify’s online proxy website.
  • Kproxy – Click HERE and you will be redirected to Now, in the input area provided on the home page, enter and click on the surf. You will be redirected to youtube via Kproxy and you will be able to watch your favorite videos, without any restrictions.
  • Surf again – Click Here and start surfing again
  • Mega Proxy – Click Here and go to the Mega Proxy home page

3. Use of the Hola browser extension

Hola Browser Extension is another option using which you can unlock the YouTube video restriction. Hola offers a Youtube Unblocker extension, through which you can easily access YouTube from school, university, office, etc. Download and install the browser extension from the link below. This extension allows you to access via their secure proxy servers, allowing you to access YouTube in no time.

The Hola extension is also available for Android mobiles. You can download the Hola app from the Play Store and you must activate the unlock.

4. Use of the Https connection

Here’s the simplest trick to unlock YouTube. Just go from the “Http” connection to “Https”. For example, if you are stuck on in your browser, simply change it to It is a very simple trick and works in many cases.

5. Use of the Tor browser

The Tor browser is one of the best used tools for browsing the Internet anonymously. Tor is basically proxy software that hides your IP address and covers your identity. You can download the Tor from HERE. After installation, the browser will be configured with your Mozilla Firefox. You can access very normally by simply entering the URL in the address bar.

Using an online proxy website can sometimes be boring and irritating, you have to submit the URL to make it work again and again. This tip will allow your browser to browse a proxy web address, so you can browse normally, making things much easier. This is how you can do it.

1. Click here to get the list of proxy IP addresses

2. Now open your Mozilla Firefox browser and go to Options> Advanced> Connection> Settings

3. Click Manual Proxy Settings and enter one of the proxy’s IP addresses in the list above, set the port number to 8080 and save the settings.

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Now open YouTube via your address bar and if it doesn’t work, try another IP address on the list. Check this video to see how to unlock YouTube easily.

So here’s how to unlock YouTube using any method from the above list. I hope you like this article, and if you did, share it on social media sites by clicking on the social icons below.

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