Top 5 free site planning software in 2022?

To plan, organize and coordinate a work, the work schedule is essential in the building trades. And since the digital arrived, there is no need to do it by hand ! Today, digital tools exist to help artisans develop this valuable document. You are looking for free site planning software, or at least partially ? Discover our ranking !

From spreadsheets to applications specializing in construction, you are presented with 5 of the best free and paid site planning software available on the market in 2022 !

What is a site schedule and what is it for ?

A sort of very detailed schedule, the work schedule plays a crucial role in the execution of a construction site. Work, second work, masonry, painting, finishing or interior design work, it adapts to all the bodies of state.

First, it is used to accurately estimate the number of days required to perform the work. In this way, you can give realistic deadlines to the contracting authority when signing the estimate. When advancing work, rely on it to ensure compliance with the set date.

Making the forecast for your sites also helps you to clarify your objectives and define the tasks to be prioritized. Thanks to him, you have an overall visibility of the operations to be accomplished and their distribution over time. The key is better productivity and a lot of time savings.

When the site includes various stakeholders and subcontractors, it improves communication and optimizes collaboration. Everyone knows exactly what to do and where it should be every day.

In summary, the preparation of this document must be one of the first steps when starting a new work. It lays the foundations for careful, well-orchestrated work, and above all profitable for the construction company

5 free site planning software in 2022

If you are looking for free site planning software to improve your organization, here are 5 tools that have proven themselves among building professionals.

# 1 – Excel

We start with an essential in building project management: Microsoft Excel. Although it is not site planning software per se, Excel lends itself perfectly to this function and many artisans start with it.

Practical and free, this spreadsheet is very simple to use and is quickly mastered. The main advantage is that personalization is endless. Add as many columns and rows as you want and adapt their content to your company. The downside is that it takes a little time at first and is not very intuitive.

A site schedule with Excel is generally done in the form of a detailed table. If you are planning a work schedule for the first time, you will probably need to be inspired by a model so that you don’t forget anything. You will find a template to download here.

# 2 – Google Sheet

If your computer is not equipped with the Office suite or you would like a more collaborative tool, is also a good option. Completely free, this spreadsheet created by Google works more or less in the same way as Excel.

Its spreadsheets allow you to easily make tailor-made and detailed site schedules. To go faster, develop a basic model to personalize to each of your projects.

Its advantage over Excel is to be accessible online. It is thus possible to invite your collaborators to work directly on the document. Modifications, suggestions, revisions, everything is done in real time. You can even select different types of access depending on the level of authorization to give: reader, commentator or editor.

# 3 – FieldWire

Third site management software for this top 5, let’s now talk about FieldWire. FieldWire is an American company offering digital project management solutions in the construction sector

Through several well thought out functionalities, this tool ensures the organization of tasks, coordination in the field and performance monitoring between team members.

Among other things, you will for example have access to:

  • instant messaging;
  • digital plan viewing;
  • a BIM viewer for 3D measurement sockets;
  • annotation and photo / video documentation;
  • the possibility of scanning its documents (forms, reports, time sheets).

Good news, this site planning software is free in “basic” version. This formula includes plan viewing, task management, checklists, file and photo sharing as well as messaging.

The basic version is however limited to 5 users, 100 plans and 3 projects. The price of other subscriptions (with unlimited plans and projects) varies from $ 29 to $ 89 / month depending on the integrated functionality. A free trial is also possible to get an idea before.

If you are working on a construction tablet or telephone, be aware that a FieldWire mobile application is available.

# 4 – Batiscript

Designed by the Script & Go group, the Batiscript work schedule application aims to follow the entire life cycle of a site, from the call for tenders to delivery.

The software offers various functionalities, such as electronic signing of contracts and creating reports and reports from models.

It also makes it possible to add reservations directly on numerical planes and to lift these same reservations through the application. Pre-filled rating grates, or checklists, facilitate the verification of the various elements of the work during progress checks.

It is therefore a good monitoring and analysis tool, making it possible to simplify and clarify the processes already implemented in your company. On the planning side, however, it has fewer functions than previous software.

In addition, unlike the others, Batiscript does not have a free subscription. However, it offers a test offered for 30 days to familiarize yourself with the tool and see if it is suitable for you.

# 5 – Onaya

Girondine company started in 1977, Onaya today offers a large palette of software for the building pros. Among these applications, ONAYA software followed by construction sites helps you to intelligently control and analyze each step of a work.

Budgeting, management of purchases and stocks of supplies, management of employees, analysis of expenditure and revenue, visualization of orders and deliveries pending, this application is generally quite complete.

What is interesting here is that this software works with a module system. It is thus possible to integrate an accounting, price study, but also site planning module.

Onaya Planning thus makes it possible to plan precisely the different facets of the project: financial plan, load plan and execution schedule (distribution of employees and equipment by task).

In order to best optimize each task, the site can be detailed by phase, by work and by resource. You will be able to position milestones corresponding to major project events, such as site meetings and delivery. Note that the schedules are customizable and that it is possible to define different user rights (creator, editor, etc.) for partners.

So these are the 5 free and paid site planning software retained for this classification. Each with its own assets, your choice will be made according to the needs of your company and your budget.

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