Top 10 the Best proxy service providers of 2021?

The best proxy service providers make it easier and easier to protect your privacy online.

The best paid proxy services

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1. Smartproxy

2. Luminati

3. RSocks

4. Oxylabs

5. Storm proxies

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Indeed, a proxy serves as a bridge between you and the Internet. Therefore, when using a proxy server, the details of the websites you visit and other online histories are saved to that server rather than to your computer.

This allows for a certain degree of anonymous navigation, with the warning that proxy servers will often record at least some details. This means that a full survey of the server records can help identify you personally.

However, this is unlikely to pose a problem for most people, and proxy servers are also a useful but basic way to avoid extensive tracking of advertisers and routine privacy intrusions that are now commonplace online.

Note that many proxy server providers also provide paid VPN services, as VPN (Virtual Private Network) can offer better security and confidentiality than a proxy service alone. In this case, it may be interesting to consider obtaining a free VPN or paying for one of the best premium services instead.

If you do not know if a proxy server will be better, consult our guide Servers proxy vs VPN: Why VPNs are better.

In the meantime, we will present here the best proxy services, free and paid, which will overlap with certain VPN services

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1. Smartproxy

Affordable proxy for most use cases


Cover: more than 195 locations IP addresses: more than 40 million

Reasons to buy

+ Unlimited wires + Mobile browser + IP extensions

Reasons to avoid

-Restricted geographic targeting

You can get residential proxys and datacent to Smartproxy. Its pool of more than 40 million rotary residential IP addresses comes from office and mobile devices and is shared among all users.

Although this may be disadvantageous because you can obtain marked IP addresses, the supplier guarantees that its rapid rotation policy guarantees that its agents are not prohibited. Smartproxy limits the plans according to the bandwidth but allows you to execute an unlimited number of simultaneous threads.

You can select the proxy you want to use from a list of backconnect bridge servers in your dashboard. By default, Smartproxy displays all the different gateways for the countries and cities it supports. However, you can filter the proxies according to some useful parameters such as location and type of session (rotary or persistent). Depending on these, the dashboard will display the appropriate proxy gateway which you can then use in your applications and tools.

If you plan to use the proxy to browse the web, Smartproxy also offers extensions to Chrome and Firefox. You can use the extension to refine the location and type of proxy you want and even choose the authentication mechanism.

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2. Luminati

Expensive but rich in functionalities


Cover: all countries and all cities IP addresses: more than 72 million

Reasons to buy

+ Huge mobile swimming pool + IP + Detailed targeting options

Reasons to avoid

-Complex pricing mechanism

The first one that hits you about Luminati is its huge pool of proxy with more than 72 million IP addresses. The service offers all kinds of powers of attorney. In addition to the rotation of residential IP addresses, the service also offers static addresses, which are a group of 6 to 100 residential addresses for your exclusive use that have not previously been used with your target domain. Luminati also sells mobile PIs that cost more than the usual residential PIs, but which are more resistant and will operate on targets that are particularly difficult to meet.

If you have very specific targeting requirements, you will appreciate Luminati’s support for ASN (Autonomous System Number) in addition to the usual targeting options such as country, state and city.

To use its proxies, you can use the Luminati Proxy Manager (LPM), which is an open source tool that can be installed free of charge on Windows, macOS and Linux. LPM can help you define rules for the rotation of IP addresses, blacklist IP addresses that give poor results, optimize the use of bandwidth by routing certain requests via your regular non-proxy connection, etc.

Luminati’s residential proxies support all major protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS and even SOCKS5. The service also has a complete assistance infrastructure with several means of assistance, including video tutorials and webinaries.

However, all functionalities and dexterity come at a price. While the service announces a basic rate for all types of proxy, the specification of additional parameters such as targeting levels has an effect on the final cost of the proxy. The service also has several payment plans to accommodate different users. In addition to standard monthly subscriptions, Luminati also offers a usage payment plan. Plans are on average more expensive than many of its peers, but will seem reasonable especially to large-scale proxy users and those with very specific requirements.

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3. RSocks

All kinds of proxies in easily consumable shots


Cover: limited IP addresses: more than 3 million

Reasons to buy

+ Unlimited bandwidth + Mobile daytime packages + IP

Reasons to avoid

– Limited geographic targeting

RSocks offers residential, data center and even mobile IP addresses. You can share its list of more than 3 million proxys with other users or obtain them for your exclusive use.

One of the best features of the service is that it does not limit the amount of bandwidth on any of its packages. As long as the plan is valid, you can continue to use the proxies. RSocks also allows users to execute up to 500 simultaneous threads on many fronts. To top it off, the proxy supplier takes care of all popular protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS5.

RSocks also offers separate plans for mobile PIs. You can buy these mobile proxys in 10 countries and even specify a specific city and even a supplier for some of them.

The service updates its list of proxies automatically and the duration depends on the plan. Some proxies are shot every 5 minutes, others every hour and some every 2 hours. The number of new agents after each update also varies from plan to plan. However, it is important to note that you are not able to rotate the proxies manually from the dashboard.

One of the unique features of RSocks is the possibility of suspending proxies, when not in use, to extend their expiration. But the number of these breaks is limited, so you will have to use them wisely.

Although it does not offer any additional browser module, RSocks has a multiplatform proxy verification tool which will be useful for sorting the list of shared proxys. This tool can help you find the most useful proxys that will work best for you based on parameters such as their location, speed and presence in the most common spam databases.

In addition, unlike most of his peers, RSocks has about three dozen pricing plans for his various agents. Indeed, instead of creating plans based on limitations, such as bandwidth or the number of IP addresses, RSocks has created separate plans based on individual parameters.

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4. Oxylabs

Has its own scraper


Cover: all countries and all cities IP addresses: more than 70 million

Reasons to buy

+ Large pool of proxy + Management of SOCKS5, although limited

Reasons to avoid

-No separate mobile IP addresses

Oxylabs has a large network of more than 70 million residential agents that cover all countries and cities around the world. In addition to the country and the city, you can also target proxys based on ASN (autonomous system number). However, these residential IP addresses use backconnect gateway servers and you will need to manually modify this address to add parameters for targeting information.

Oxylabs claims that its residential proxys also include mobile IP addresses, but the service provider does not give you the option to choose them specifically for your tasks. These residential proxys rotate the IP addresses at each request to ensure that the target cannot block you.

The proxy supplier also offers non-rotating static residential proxies which it obtains directly from the ISPs. Oxylabs claims that these offer you the best of data centers and residential proxies, in terms of speed and resilience. In addition, these statistics support the SOCKS5 protocol, unlike standard rotary protocols which do not.

Its pool of more than 2 million IP addresses of data center which are not shared but dedicated to your exclusive use, also support the SOCKS5 protocol. These also offer an additional proxy rotation module to automatically rotate the IP addresses of the data center.

The only single offer in the oxylab portfolio is the new generation residential proxy that uses automatic learning and artificial intelligence to more successfully imitate the navigation behavior of a regular user and bypass blocks and captchas.

Oxylabs also has its own web scraping tool, called Real-Time Crawler, which collects data for you in HTML or JSON format

The service offers multi-level plans that become more profitable as you increase your commitment.

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5. Storm proxies

Ideal for sneakers and individual scrapers


Cover: United States and EU Addresses IP: around 70,000

Reasons to buy

+ Fairly cheap + No bandwidth limit

Reasons to avoid

-Small pool proxy -Minimum geographic targeting -No SOCKS5

Storm Proxies is designed for individual, small proxy users who will be happy to exchange most of the functionality you get with some of the proxy heavyweights for affordable pricing plans.

The service provider offers rotary residential proxys, dedicated private proxies that offer data center IP addresses and rotary backconnect proxies that combine data center and residential IP addresses.

The best thing about Storm Proxies is that all of its proxies are delivered with unlimited bandwidth. Instead, its dedicated private proxys limit accounts on the number of IP addresses, backconnect rotary proxies base their plans on the number of simultaneous connections, while rotating residential proxies with prices based on the number of ports. Each port is capable of performing up to 50 simultaneous connections.

Storm Proxies also does not hesitate to accept the limitations of its proxies, which it clearly indicates for each of its types of proxy supported.

Backconnect rotary proxys come from a pool of 70,000 IP addresses and only allow you to choose between three major regions, the United States, the EU and the world. These are backconnect proxies which are served via different gateways, each with its separate rotation time.

The 5-minute rotary residential proxies come from an even smaller pool of around 40,000 IP addresses. They only cover the regions of the United States and the EU and do not allow you to choose the countries or cities you want to target.

There are several plans for each of the different types of proxy, but rest assured that they are cheaper than most other proxy services.

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Best free proxy servers

1. Hidester

Easily mask your navigation sessions

Reasons to buy

+ Do not keep newspapers + Useful confidentiality check

Reasons to avoid

-No extensions for Firefox

If you want to bypass geographic blockages and avoid being spied on, you can use Hidester’s proxy service to navigate the web anonymously.

Hidester does not require registration and you do not need to install software. Just go to the website, from your computer or mobile device, and enter the URL you want to visit in the space provided for this purpose. By default, it sends your request via servers based in the United States, but you also have the possibility of switching to European servers.

Hidester also offers a number of options to further guarantee your confidentiality. By default, it will encrypt URLs and delete scripts. It allows cookies by default, but you can even deactivate them, although it ruins your browsing experience.

However, you can choose to delete your cookies when closing the proxy session using the useful Hidester bar at the top of the page. You can even modify the browser reference string from a drop-down list of predefined values in the upper bar.

The service claims that it does not keep any logs of your visits and guarantees that they fully control their servers without the involvement of third-party IP proxy.

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2. VPNBook

Fast and anonymous proxy service

Reasons to buy

+ Extremely fast performances + Block advertisements and other nuisances + Clear logging policy

In addition to its titular virtual private network, VPNBook provides a free SSL encrypted web proxy for anonymous navigation. Make your choice among proxy servers based in the United States, the United Kingdom, France or Canada, or let the proxy choose one at random.

During our tests, VPNBook was extremely fast and its address / banner bar was discreet. It has also blocked advertisements and certain scripting elements on web pages, which can be beneficial for confidentiality (even if we would appreciate having a choice), and it supports HTTPS connections

Note that VPNBook keeps web logs, which it can use to report illegal activity, but these are deleted automatically after a week. It’s not perfect, but VPNBook’s speed, convenience and clear journalization policy make it our choice for the best free web proxy.

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The fastest free proxy server

Reasons to buy

+ Fast proxy + Navigator extensions

Reasons to avoid

-Pop-up announcements

Hide.Me presents itself as the fastest free proxy server, because it does not keep its own newspapers in order to speed up the service.

Whether this title is deserved or not, it is always a decent free proxy that you should consider using. You can use it directly via the website or use Firefox or Chrome browser extensions to use the service. The service only has agents in Europe, in particular in the Netherlands, Germany and Finland. Also, even if it offers various options for improving confidentiality, such as the ability to encrypt URLs and pages, you do not get these options when visiting a website.

Unlike some of the other free services, Hide. Imposes Boring Pop-up Advertisements for its paid VPN Service. If you can live with this, you should probably use Hide.Me.

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4. KProxy

KProxy is fast and free, with a portable browser

Reasons to buy

+ Very easy to configure + Delivered in a portable version of Firefox

Reasons to avoid

-Some restrictions on use

KProxy offers a service based on a browser, an extension for Chrome or Firefox and a portable version of Firefox available with the extension already installed – a pleasant touch that allows you to use the proxy on PCs at school, university or work.

Configuration is a breeze – once the extension is installed, choose a remote server (the free version offers several options in Montreal and Munich) and click on “Connect”. Secure HTTPS connections are supported.

The service has certain limits: you can only navigate freely for three hours in a row or until you have reached your limit of 300 MB of data. Once you have reached this limit, you can see a tab inviting you to buy a premium account, but it is not mandatory – you can reconnect for free after taking a 30-minute break.

With regard to KProxy’s privacy policy, the cabinet notes: “You also understand that despite our best efforts, this service may not provide a 100% guarantee of confidentiality and anonymity. In accordance with our confidentiality policy, KProxy reserves the right to transmit the IP addresses of users who abuse our system either to the appropriate judicial authorities or to those against whom abuses have been perpetrated. “

5. Hide my ass

Offer several ways to protect your posterior online

Reasons to buy

+ City-specific servers + Can encrypt URLs

Reasons to avoid

-Confirm before loading the website

Hide My Ass offers a very convenient free web proxy service when you want to browse privately, but you don’t have the time or permission to download additional software or browser extensions. There are limits – premium software offers faster speeds, more secure encryption and active protection against malware – but for quick navigation it is a good option.

Hide My Ass’s free proxy masks your identity and IP address. It is one of the few services that allows you to select specific cities instead of just countries to route your requests. The free service supports servers in New York, Seattle, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London and Prague.

Hide My Ass’s web proxy service collects log files, which include your IP address, URLs you visit, pages and files you have accessed, and when. He stores this data for 30 days – a policy that pushed them down our list of preferences.

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The following section was written by …

Julius Cerniauskas, CEO of Oxylabs

What is a proxy?

A proxy is an intermediary between the user and the Web which adds an additional layer which connects to any website. Proxys have their own IP addresses, so the user visited website will only see this IP proxy address.

In terms of origin, there are two types of proxys, data center and residential :

A data center proxy is a private proxy that is not affiliated with an ISP because it comes from a secondary company and provides private IP authentication, high level anonymity and rapid response times to data requests. Usually data center proxies are used for infrastructure, such as servers and web hosting.

A residential proxy is an intermediary using an IP address attached to a physical location provided by an Internet service provider (ISP) to an owner. It is a real IP address that can be used to mimic the behavior of organic users.

What are the proxys for?

As mentioned earlier, individuals and businesses make extensive use of powers of attorney. Let’s explore the reasons behind this.

Personal use A proxy used for a personal case will be attached to a particular location. This can activate certain accesses to geoblocked content. For example, consumers can travel and buy flights from places with the most advantageous prices.

Second, proxys can optimize the user’s web activity and improve security levels by quantifying requests.

Commercial use In most cases, companies use proxys to gain an advantage over their competitors by collecting relevant information. The proxy gives them the possibility of extracting and processing large amounts of publicly available data on competitors’ prices, products, services, market opinions or even trends that can speed up companies in their decision-making process regarding the adaptation of marketing strategies, sales and pricing.

This information would be impossible to extract without agents in place due to recurring blockages. When data collection is in progress, a large number of requests are sent to a web server.

The difficulty arises when these requests come from the same IP address because the websites identify this activity as suspicious and block the IP address for security reasons. Proxies prevent this because IP addresses can be constantly changed if rotary proxies or a proxy rotator are used. In this way, data collection can continue to be done anonymously and effectively.

In addition to data collection, many companies use proxys for email security because there are huge amounts of emails containing attachments of malware, ransomwares or suspicious URLs. Proxies help analyze each incoming email and filter malware.

Another common use case is brand protection, as proxymen are used to analyze the Web for stolen content or counterfeit products.

What is the difference between paid proxies and free proxies?

With a free proxy, you can access almost all of the benefits of the proxy, which is great until something is wrong. The use of such services means that no one is responsible for technical faults, which frequently occur in this case.

It is not easy to find a free and sustainable proxy because they quickly become obsolete and suppliers generally turn into paid suppliers or disappear over time. In addition, the use of free proxys can pose a serious threat as you never know if your data is secure and you may run the risk of being the victim of identity theft.

Paid powers of attorney are responsible for their services, with contracts and agreements in place to protect the user. For companies, there is no other option than to pay for a dedicated proxy service and avoid any potential security concerns. If you choose a reliable proxy provider, you shouldn’t have to worry about the failure or disappearance of the servers for no reason, as many will offer dedicated account support.

A reliable proxy supplier will also have ethical proxies. Deciding which proxy supplier to choose is not an easy task because there are many criteria to take into account, but we have identified a few key points:

  • Reliability: customer support and account managers 24/7, service tests and a reimbursement guarantee are essential for a reliable proxy supplier. Also pay attention to customer reviews
  • Size and location of the IP pool: the size of the IP pool and the variety of the location are critical for those who will recover large amounts of data from various countries
  • Success rate and speed: a reliable proxy network success rate must be at least 90%, the best suppliers guaranteeing 95% or more
  • Integration and support: proxy suppliers must ensure that their documentation is clear and understandable, including integration tutorials and clear instructions

The future of powers of attorney

Businesses mainly use proxys for large-scale data collection and extraction, but it is not an easy process. It consists of many complex tasks, especially when anti-data collection measures become more and more sophisticated and make it more difficult to collect information accessible to the public without being blocked. To remedy this, innovations in artificial intelligence (IA) and automatic learning (ML) are gradually applied.

Ultimately, proxys are extremely valuable solutions for individuals and businesses who have to make specific data-based decisions. For individuals, proxys can help access geoblocked content, improve security levels and optimize a web activity. For businesses, not only will they provide an additional layer of security, but they quickly become an essential tool for collecting information accessible to the public.

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