Top 10 of the best jobs for introverts?

Are you an introvert but still want to take advantage of the thrill of the workforce? Here are 22 stressful jobs for introverts who will offer you a big check every end of the month.

There are different types of personalities, learning styles and personalities, and when looking for a job, you have to choose a work environment that suits your type of person. Apart from that, opt from the start for a career that corresponds to your lifestyle and your personality so that good productivity is expected of you.

Although some people prefer hard and fast jobs that are very stressful, I bet some people don’t, and it has nothing to do with whether they are introverted or not. If you are introverted, you should pursue a career that matches your personality. We have described some ideal low stress jobs for well-paid introverts.

In addition, the fact that you are introverted or extroverted has no bearing on your professional success. Due to their less extroverted nature, introverts are often found in more independent jobs. Introverts have the choice between a wide range of career options, some of which are well suited to their independence, while others require too much human interaction.

Who is considered introverted ?

Introversion is a type of personality and an introvert is someone who exhibits or shows introversion behavior. If you are more interested in your own thoughts and ideas than in what is going on around you, then you are probably an introvert. They prefer to be alone or spend time with very few people rather than in large groups.

Can introverts get well-paid, stressful jobs ?

As an introvert, you can get low stressful jobs with good wages, not only can introverts get such jobs, but in general, people who don’t like and can’t handle stress.

It is high time that we address the main subject. Below is an overview of low stress jobs for introverts.

The best low stressful and well-paid jobs for introverts

We are talking about low stress jobs for well-paid introverts.

1. Web developer

A website developer is one of the most growing jobs due to the increasing use of digital technology. Everyone is looking for an exhibition in one way or another, whether for personal or professional reasons. Traditional businesses are also moving towards this trend, the use of the Internet and its tools to rename and own a website is one of the first steps in the rebranding that these businesses usually take.

If you match the category or description of the personality of an introvert and want a job that will not stress you, will pay you well while retaining your personality and lifestyle, then you should consider becoming a developer Web. However, you will need to have a certain passion for career, as if you like computers, programming and complex Internet building, you should consider the field more.

Average annual salary: $ 93,402

2. Graphic designer

Using software or by hand, graphic designers create and / or edit visual concepts for different types of customers. Each company requires the skills of a graphic designer, particularly in the areas of advertising, not just businesses, but some people also need graphic designers to use their creative skills to tell their stories.

This is one of the low stress jobs for introverts, you can do a lot of self-employment in the comfort of your home or in the place that suits you.

Average annual salary: $ 52,589

3. Social media manager

Social media have many advantages for businesses, brands and even individuals. You can make a lot of money if you have a strong presence on social networks and a social network manager is necessary to share the right content and interact with other users of the platform. The work of a social media manager is not much, it is essentially a question of sitting where it suits you and managing the social media accounts of individuals, companies or brands.

You will have to be creative to match this job profile, as well as commitment and be a brilliant strategist. This is one of the low stress jobs for introverts and if you are one, consider work. It requires no diploma but good communication skills and excellent use of the Internet, smartphone or computer are an essential requirement.

Average annual salary: $ 59,965

4. Veterinary Doctor

Although you need a diploma for this job, which can be stressful to acquire, the career is rewarding if you are passionate about caring for animals and it is one of the low stress jobs for introverts. Since you are an introvert, you do not want to be surrounded by many people, being a veterinarian should be a good getaway because instead of spending time with animals, you spend time with people.

The tasks of the post include the treatment of animals and the monitoring of their general well-being. The quarry is accompanied by a calm and relaxing environment, oh wait, you will have to face the loud sounds of barking dogs, but other than that, it’s quite fun and less stressful.

Average annual salary: $ 108,218

5. Archivist

It is one of the least stressful jobs for well-paid introverts and tasks include sorting historical elements such as old documents, audio tapes, old maps, videotapes and photographs. Typically, an archivist works in a museum or library, and both are places of solitude and can take advantage of a full truck.

You will have a lot of free time that you can use to engage in other activities such as exploring old relics and history books.

Average annual salary: $ 46,795

6. Landscaper

The work of a landscaper is deeply satisfactory and it is a form of stress relief, exercise and connection with nature and the environment. This profession is one of the least stressful jobs for introverts and to do this job, you must have a high level of creativity and knowledge.

With their combination, you can design trails, landscapes, water fountains, ponds, etc. as long as it is an outdoor space, you can design it to be clean and beautiful.

Average annual salary: $ 49,086

7. Photographer

It is one of the least stressful jobs for introverts and the functioning of work is quite clear, after all, almost everyone knows what photography is and has pretty much experienced it in some way. another. If you like photography as an introvert, you can build a career on it, you don’t have to work in public shows where there are usually a lot of people.

There are many beautiful, picturesque and calm views with which you can work. You can visit forest reserves or game parks and take pictures of nature. These environments are generally calm and will work well for an introverted personality. If you are not interested in these places, that’s fine, just look for places that suit you perfectly and work from there.

Average salary: $ 16.54 per hour

8. Technical editor

Being a technical writer is one of the least stressful jobs for introverts and you don’t need a diploma for this job. Although good communication skills and basic computer skills are important requirements to be met when looking for a job in this niche.

The job of a technical editor is to create guides and manuals of user-friendly products to make them more understandable, even for the layman.

Average annual salary: $ 59,833

9. Publisher

It is one of the least stressful jobs for introverts, it is a common profession and looks like something an introvert would like to do. You will not be surrounded by many people and you will also be able to work alone, mainly in front of a computer and in any place that suits you best, including your room.

The duty of an editor is to verify errors in fact, spelling, grammar and punctuation, among others. When an article is finished, they must ensure that it complies with the editorial guidelines and that it looks treated. The work of an editor is not limited to correcting grammar errors and errors in books and articles, but it also prepares and selects written photographic, visual, sound or cinematographic material.

This position requires that you know how to use digital tools, that you have an eye to spot errors in documents about to be published and that you are an excellent English speaker. You can obtain a diploma in English or related subjects if you wish to manage more difficult projects.

Average annual salary: $ 46,673

10. Librarian

The library is a cool and solemn environment, exactly the kind of peace that an introvert wants, and being a librarian offers you that and a big check at the end of the month. It is one of the most stressful jobs for introverts and tasks are simple to do, you don’t even need a diploma to get a librarian job.

The functions of a librarian are to help visitors find the books they need and also to recommend useful documents related to the information that the visitor is looking for. You will need to have excellent communication skills and know-how to use a computer to get this job.

Average annual salary: $ 50,167

11. Independent writer

Independent writing is one of the least stressful jobs for introverts, the interesting thing about this profession is that you get work directly at home. You will never have to meet clients or be among many people, you can set up a home office and work from there away away from distractions.

However, working as an independent writer means that you need to be deeply exposed to a wide range of subjects and subjects. As an independent writer, you will have to accept writing that covers many areas, but if you want to focus on one or two specific areas of writing, that is also appropriate.

Average salary: $ 35 – $ 50 an hour.

12. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is becoming more and more common and this is due to the wide use of digital technology, many companies and companies pass or have become completely digital and therefore do not see the need for physical space or building. Everything is done and takes place online, from board meetings and presentations to the service offer and all that.

The work of virtual assistant is identical to that of medical assistant but in this case, you are virtual, this means that you will not be physically present but will provide all your online assistantship services. The tasks of a virtual assistant include taking calls, planning meetings, booking plane tickets, etc., all in the comfort of your home.

Good communication skills, a laptop, a smartphone or a PC and a stable Internet connection are all that is necessary to work as a virtual assistant. A diploma is not necessary to work as a virtual assistant and as an introvert, you will really enjoy doing the job. In addition, you can work for more than one client if you can manage it.

Average salary: $ 5 – $ 20 an hour

13. Wind turbine technician

It is one of the least stressful jobs for introverts and it is also one of the most in demand jobs in the United States. Wind turbines are one of the tools to harness green energy and it is still a growing industry that is still in its infancy, which is why wind technicians are in high demand.

The job of a wind technician is to test, maintain, repair and maintain wind turbines. To get a job as a wind turbine technician, you will need a partner’s diploma or a certificate from a training institute. Typically, they work in a field and are alone most of the time.

Average annual salary: $ 52,910

14. Economist

There are economists occupying government positions in each country, state and province, as well as in all business circles. Their job is to monitor economic trends, collect and analyze data and develop forecasts for the nation, the company or private clients.

An economist can be introverted or not, it is simply one of the least stressful jobs for introverts. However, the concept of using practical mathematics to predict the fate of a nation or a business may pique the interest of an introvert.

Average annual salary: $ 105,020

15. Artist

Drawing with toothbrushes and paint, sculpting, making pearls and other forms of crafts is rewarding, and if you are an introvert with any of these skills, you may want to consider doing it. career. You don’t need a diploma to start a career, your talent should be enough, but if you want a diploma, you can pursue a Bachelor of Arts.

It is one of the least stressful jobs for introverts and it is perfectly suitable for people with this type of personality. You will not meet many people, you can work from home and you can also determine your source of income.

Average annual salary: $ —-

16. Video game artist

He is one of the least stressful jobs for introverts and as a video game artist, you will develop 2D and 3D art for the aesthetic aspects of video games. In addition to characters, colors, lighting and textures, they also work on the environment and objects.

When it comes to video games, many introverts prefer the virtual world to real life and they can make a lot of money in this industry just by doing what they like.

Average annual salary: $ 75,270

17. Agronomist engineer

The field of agricultural engineering has both introverts, extroverts and other types of personality, but this is added to at least low stress jobs for introverts for introverts who want to enter the field of agriculture but have no idea or are confused about which to go, it’s something they can consider.

The work in agricultural engineering consists in finding solutions to challenges such as the efficiency of machines, power supply and infrastructure as well as to problems linked to the procession or storage of goods as well as to environmental concerns. You will have more opportunities to work outside such as agriculture and forestry.

Introverts can benefit from practical skills and agricultural engineering research interests.

Average annual salary: $ 80,720

18. Material Engineer

It is one of the least stressful jobs for introverts and it is a profession which consists in developing, testing and processing new uses of materials already known. For example, you can design and manufacture aircraft exteriors, computer processors, among others. These roles are perfect for introverts and pay well.

Average annual salary: $ 93,360

19. Electrician

An electrician is a person who repairs, maintains, tests and maintains electrical tools and equipment. They are also responsible for the electrical services of a building such as wiring a school or an office building so that it can have access to electricity. Most of the time, electricians work alone or with very few people, and due to the importance of the work, there is a very high concentration and little chatter.

You can obtain a diploma in electrical engineering if you wish to manage larger projects or you can obtain an associate diploma in a community college or a vocational training institute where you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to become an electrician at full-fledged.

Average annual salary: $ 71,317

20. Epidemiologist

This is one of the least stressful jobs for introverts, and to work in this area, you will need at least one baccalaureate in epidemiology. The job is to work with medical data to explore models that lead to illness and injury in individuals. Most of the time, you will work in a laboratory or in an office, so it is not too stressful.

Average annual salary: $ 70,990

21. Genetic advisor

This is one of the least stressful jobs for introverts and as a genetic counselor, you will work in an office and a laboratory, so there will not be as many people around you apart from clients or patients who come for advice. The functions of a genetic counselor include predicting future or existing diagnosis based on genetic research, helping patients adapt to their diagnosis after receiving them, among others.

Although you have to mix with a lot of people from time to time, because you have to attend a seminar related to your field and even organize yourself with medical professions to find solutions.

Average annual salary: $ 81,880

22. Radiotherapist

The work of radiotherapist involves very little interaction and is accompanied by low stress, which is why it is part of the jobs with low stress for introverts. Radiotherapy does not require much conversation beyond simple instructions to the patient, and an introvert should have no problem with this medical work.

Average annual salary: $ 85,560

23. Optometrist

As an optometrist, you should pay particular attention to the details when dealing with a sensitive part of the human body like the eye in this case. In fact, it is increasing since more and more people spend their days looking at the computer screen and would come to have their eyes treated.

This work requires the details of an introvert, it offers a high income and a low stress which allows a comfortable life. It is one of the least stressful jobs to consider for introverts if they wish to embark on the medical field.

Average annual salary: $ 115,250

24. Orthodox

It is one of the low stress jobs for introverts that involve working with your teeth, it is a delicate job that forces you to focus and be gentle, which is easy for introverts to do. It is a good job for introverts to choose as a career, especially those who want to get into the medical field.

Although it is always necessary to interact with others, the patient’s mouth is generally open, which limits the amount of words.

Average annual salary: $ 230,830

These are the best low stress jobs for introverts and I hope they have been very helpful in helping you make wise career choices that match your personality style.


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