How to make the drawings of your house?

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Drawing a house is a great way to use your imagination and exercise your drawing skills, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, whether you want to draw a house in 2D or 3D, you will realize that it is simpler than it seems. Once you understand the basics, you can start to customize it and add your personal touch to draw a unique house !

  1. 1 Draw a rectangle. The first rectangle will be the setting of your house. The exact proportions of the rectangle do not count, but try not to draw it too long or too narrow to give a more realistic side to your house .
    • Use a ruler or a straight bar to draw a rectangle so that all sides are clean and straight.
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  3. 3 Add a fireplace and horizontal panels for the roof. To make the fireplace, draw a high and narrow rectangle which protrudes on one side of the roof. Then draw a small horizontal rectangle on it. For roof panels, draw horizontal lines evenly spaced from one side of the roof to the other .
    • The number of signs you draw is not important, but try to keep the same space between the panels.
  4. 4 Draw two windows on the front of the house. To draw a window, make a rectangle and draw two lines in the middle, from top to bottom, then from left to right to divide it into four sections. Then draw a small horizontal rectangle below to make the window sill .
    • You can draw as many windows as you want, but don’t forget to leave some space for the door.
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  1. 1 Draw a cube. The cube will be the basic setting of your three-dimensional house. To draw a cube, start with a narrow horizontal diamond. Then draw a vertical line which descends from the three lowest points of the diamond. Finally, connect the end of the vertical line from the middle to the end of the other two vertical lines next to it .
    • The proportions of the cube should not be exact, but make sure it is not too short and thin or too high and wide or your house will not look realistic.
  2. 2 Sketch the side of the roof over the top of the cube. To draw the side of the roof, start by drawing a straight leaning line which starts from the corner in the middle of the cube. The line must be the same length as the vertical lines you have drawn to make the edges of the cube. Then draw a parallel line which starts from the side on the right of the cube and from the same length. Finally, connect the ends of the two lines by a straight line .
    • Once you are done, clear the additional lines inside the shape you have just drawn.
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  5. 5 Draw the finishes to finish the house. You can chop the side of the roof to create the tiles and draw a fireplace on the roof. To make the door and windows more realistic, add a shadow and draw a small circle on the door for the handle. You can even add a fence and draw some trees to give a garden to your house .
    • Once you have the basic structure, you can customize it by adding parts, a garage, more doors or other details that you think are essential to a house !
    • You can also color it to bring it out !

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