How to design your home for telework?

Today, many people are on telework and designers may have to design a modern home office for their clients who want to work remotely.

The office at home can come under many different arrangements. Individuals want to create a practical, comfortable and chic work environment to meet their needs in the space available. Whether it is a separate room, the living room or the bedroom, the office at home should be an easy space to organize to maximize productivity. Designing a functional and modern home office requires careful planning to balance trend and efficiency. The home office should reflect the style and comfort of the home as well as the practicality of a professional workplace.

Here are some essential tips for designing the home office your client dreams of.

Find the perfect place

The most obvious place for a home office is a separate room. Your client will want some privacy for their workspace. A separate room such as the guest room allows you to isolate yourself by closing the door, which can be crucial in a family home. An empty room provides more office furniture, with a design desk and a chair specially designed for comfort and productivity.

The central island or the snack corner of a kitchen is often an ideal solution for an improvised office at home. If a client’s kitchen is large enough, a more permanent situation may be possible. Unused storage spaces can be transformed into workstations. Keep the desk near the wall and use storage furniture whenever possible. Make sure that the kitchen workspace is away from the usual spaces dedicated to preparing meals or to the meals themselves.

The living room can be suitable for customers who thrive in a more lively work environment. As with the kitchen, keeping the workspace as close to the wall as possible will allow the room to perform these two functions. Retractable or foldable solutions are available for this purpose.

The bedroom may be suitable for some customers, but it is good to leave this separate space for relaxation. If you want an office in the room, keep it small and discreet.

Make it simpler

Opting for minimalist furniture in an office at the modern house reduces congestion. The shelves must be reserved for fixed uses: printer, files, books and any other object likely to occupy a precious office space. Ideally, a home office should only have a few permanent residents, such as the computer and a work lamp. This will leave enough room for the workspace.

Think of the light !

Lighting is very important in terms of productivity and should not be overlooked in the design of an office at home. In addition to good ceiling light and good desk lighting, placing the work space near a window will bring a lot of natural light during the day. A beautiful view will also help create a happy and peaceful environment for your client. Being able to open the window to get some fresh air can do wonders for the work day. Some green plants are a perfect complement to the workspace. Green plants reduce stress and produce oxygen while giving a nice touch of color.

Stay connected

Connectivity is the key to the success of a remote workspace. An office at the modern house must always have a good connection to allow the client to work efficiently. When planning the workplace with your client, also take into account the location of the Wi-Fi router. If the office is on the other end of the house or on another floor, discuss with your client the possibility of using a Wi-Fi extension worker or an additional router.

A pretty seat

Finally, a comfortable chair, which harmonizes with the style and tone of the rest of the house, will make all the difference for an office at home. Ergonomic chairs for home offices exist in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The comfort and health of the user comes first in the choice of an office seat, but there is no reason why he should not be able to give a little style or substance to the room. You can also integrate standing or chair options on your knees for a work desk that spares your back. As in the kitchen, another home work space, ergonomics is a key element to take into account from the design phase. Always choose the furniture with the welfare in mind when it comes to your home office.




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