How to change an Internet password proxy?

A proxy server is a machine that acts as an intermediary between network machines and the internet. It is often part of the paraphernalia necessary to secure a network.

How a proxy works ?

A proxy server makes it possible to secure and improve access to certain web pages by storing copies (or caches), by filtering certain web content and malware, and by strengthening the anonymity of its users.

For example, when a user makes a request on the internet, it will first connect to the proxy server, which will transmit the request to the application server that the user is trying to reach. The server gives its response to the proxy which in turn transmits it to the user.

The proxy allows you to navigate in all discretion because the IP address that is used is that of the proxy, not yours. It thus protects your anonymity and your private life.

How to use a proxy ?

There are several ways to use a proxy well under the different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome): You can configure it manually or install extensions.

On firefox :

  • Click Tools, Options, then on the advanced tab and the Network tab.
  • Then on parameters, then on the circle located next to the Manual configuration field of the proxy.
  • Enter the IP address of your proxy and the port. In general, proxy are given as IP: Port address (example:
  • Click OK and use your proxy !

On Chrome and Internet Explorer :

  • Go to the menu, then Settings -> display the advanced parameters (located at the bottom of the page).
  • In the network section, click Edit Proxy Parameters. Choose the “Connections” tab and click “Network settings” for the configuration of the proxy port.
  • Check “use a proxy server for your LAN”. Click the Advanced button to open the window to open the ports. Finally, enter the IP address of your proxy and the port.

And so, what is the difference between a proxy and a VPN ?

Simply put, proxies mask your IP address (your Internet activities seem to come from another place). They are perfect for performing tasks that require little bandwidth like watching Youtube videos, bypassing a website filter or IP restrictions

However, they have some faults: they do not allow traffic between your computer and the proxy to be encrypted, they do not delete the identification information after use and do not protect your personal data.

A VPN encrypts your connection.

Like proxies, VPNs allow you to hide your IP address, but that’s about the only resemblance between the two.

VPNs capture traffic from each application on your computer: from your web browser to your online games via Windows Update, all of which goes through a highly encrypted tunnel between your computer and the remote server.

Clearly, VPN is the ideal solution to respect the confidentiality and security of your network, even of a questionable public network abroad.

In conclusion, the proxy is useful for hiding your identity on the Internet, but if you want to do more, like entering a password or processing more sensitive data like connecting to your bank or to your company server, you will no doubt need a good VPN

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